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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hip Hip.... Hooray!

I have to give three cheers to the LSU Tigers (who I never give two hoots for) and the SEC for beating Ohio State in the National Championship game. While I'm not LSU's biggest fan in the least bit, I do love SEC teams in general... especially the Gamecocks. All through football season I kept telling Todd that there couldn't be much to Ohio State. Who do they even play that's worth looking at? No one. There. I said it. The SEC is by far the toughest conference and that has been proven two years in a row as Florida took down Ohio State in an embarrassing match up and then as LSU took them down a-gain last night. So for today I'm going to say, "Geaux Tigers!"


In the words of Bozo T. Clown, "Give 'em a big hand!"

I was happy for football season to be over after the season that we had and I didn't get very excited about the bowl games because the Gamecocks weren't playing, but after last night's match up, I'm ready for some Carolina football!