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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

not your typical guest book

Todd and I brainstormed a lot over what kind of guest book would we have. I didn't want to use the usual sheets from my bride book as the guest book because I wanted a little more than just someone's signature on a line. I wanted to create an opportunity for guests to leave us notes and give us a book that we'll want to look back through later.

I love the idea of the Polaroid guest book where the bride and groom provide a big blank book and have an attendant at the entrance to take Polaroid pictures of all of the guests. Then the guests attach their picture to the book and sign around their picture. The only problem is that I don't have a Polaroid camera and I don't want to assign someone to take those pictures all night.


I also loved the idea of a guest book quilt. The bride and groom provide little quilt squares and markers for the guests, the guests sign them, and then the bride and groom have the squares sewn into a quilt that they can use forever and pass down through the generations. It does sound like a lot of work, though.

quilt from

We decided on another idea. For Christmas, I used to create coffee table-style photo albums for my parents and brother. I scanned in hundreds of old pictures and then uploaded them all into The website is so easy and you can go back and place pictures on each page just as you want it. I've decided to do the same thing for our guest book. I've created a book of pictures of Todd and me throughout our courtship and I've left every other page blank so our wedding guests can sign all around our pictures. I hope it goes over well. I know that we'll go back and look through it all the time to remember the wedding day, the special guests that attended, and to look at pictures from all of our fun experiences together!