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Monday, May 19, 2008

wedding continued...

Here are a few pictures of the wedding day. When Kelly posts some on her blog I will add them to mine, but until then these few will have to do.

The bridesmaids and I went to the Spa at West End to have our hair and nails done. I decided to keep all of my hair down, but have it blown out and wavy. It was a great decision. I was really comfortable all day, I felt like myself, and I never got a bad headache from bobby pins.

Here we are after David put the veil on and we couldn't find how to bustle the veil to get back in the van.

The pink and white candy buffet. Gorgeous! While the bridesmaids and I were having our hair and nails done, my mom and her friend put this together.

Cake cutting and tasting. Yum!

Me with Samantha and Natalie (bell ringers) just before the ceremony