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Thursday, June 26, 2008

princess fiona

On June 5, my 31 year old cousin, John, died in a motorcycle accident. John loved life and truly lived it to the fullest. He never met a stranger and he had an amazing way of making everyone feel great about themselves and like they were the only person in the room. He flew helicopters, was a volunteer firefighter, and loved his family and friends more than anything.

When we went to the funeral in Louisiana, we met his little Brussels Griffon, Fiona. John bought Fiona to breed her and she actually had six puppies who have all recently found great homes. But Fiona is an orphan. Her grandparents and uncles can't keep her, so Todd and I are taking Fiona into our home. Boudreaux gets a sister!

Some of you may recall that a Brussels Griffon played the role of Verdel in "As Good as it Gets." Brussels Griffons are known for their human-like, expressive faces. We're picking her up tomorrow and we'll bring her back to meet Boudreaux. I'm happy to welcome her to our family.