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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a few things about me

As this blog sort of evolves into less of a wedding blog and becomes a mixture of everything I feel like sharing (with wedding stuff still mixed in), I thought I'd share some things about myself. Some of the readers here know me and some are just my blog land friends. Some of you may just stop in and never leave a comment so I never knew you were here. Feel free to comment so I know who's reading out there! Anyway... some random things about me.

1.We live in Columbia, South Carolina. My husband grew up here and left for college and went somewhere else for law school, but came back to Columbia to work.
2. I am from Louisiana and we moved to Indiana when I was in the 8th grade. I moved back to Louisiana for college and ended up in South Carolina for grad school. Go Gamecocks!
3. My folks live in Dallas now and my brother is in Louisiana. Both really fun places to visit as often as I can.
4. We now have two dogs, Boudreaux and Fiona.
5. I love projects. Wedding planning was so much fun and it was definitely sad when it was over. Marriage is fantastic, but I'm always looking for a new project.
6. Most/all of my friends live out of state. My college and grad school friends are scattered throughout the country-- in lots of fun places to visit.
7. I love music and am known to randomly burst into song. I like to sing and dance to my dogs-- only to cause them to bark and jump around-- likely begging me to stop.
8. I plan events for a living. Not elaborate, creative events. Fundraisers and ceremonial type events. That's why I loved the wedding and get so into creating inspiration boards. I've gotta get that creative energy out.
9. I love Lost, American Idol, Jon and Kate Plus 8 (even though there seems to be so much controversy going on right now), and Project Runway

Comment with one thing random thing about you so I know you're reading!