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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

an untold wedding day anecdote

A couple of wedding bloggers have posted about the importance of a needle and thread in the last couple of days. Adrienne from For the Love of Weddings showed a funny picture of a guy gettin' down at his reception and splitting his pants! Obviously someone will need to stitch that up.

Jenna of That Bride posted about her dress and the need for more alterations. Alterations that she may have to take care of herself.

After reading these posts, I've decided to tell an untold story from our wedding day. It wasn't a huge deal, but it really shows how crafty and resourceful my Mom is.

Most of this story can actually be told through my own pictures and some that Kelly Moore took as we were getting ready.

When I went for my dress fitting, I decided that I wanted to leave my veil on throughout the entire reception. My dress was so simple that the veil really made me feel like a bride. The seamstress showed me how she would bustle the veil so I could wear it all night and not have to worry about it.
The morning of the wedding, the bridesmaids and I went to get our hair and nails done. The guy that did my hair also did the veil placement and I wanted to bustle the veil so as not to step on it as we got in the van to go to the chapel.

Once David got the veil on, we started looking for the hook to bustle it. Couldn't find it. Soon after that, the entire salon staff was over searching through my very long veil for the hook. Couldn't find it. My bridesmaids came over to search all through the lace and they couldn't find it.

My dress was purchased in Dallas and the seamstress was also in Dallas. My mom picked up the dress on her way to the wedding because she and my Dad live in Dallas. She spoke with the seamstress about the bustles and learned how to take care of everything. I called my mom when we couldn't find the hook and she tried to talk me through it. I told her it was not there and there really wasn't anywhere else to look. Being the wonderful mommy that she is, she said she'd take care of it.

We got to the chapel and started getting ready. My mom got there, pulled out my little emergency sewing kit and the white thread, and got to work. A bridesmaid asked, "What are you using to make a hook?" She said, "Oh.... I cut the hook and eye out of my bra and I'm sewing the hook to the bottom of the veil and the eye to the top." It worked! I hope I can save my daughter's wedding day the same way my mom saved mine!

Someone mentioned how sweet it was that my mom was kissing my head in this picture. She's not kissing my head. We couldn't find scissors so she used her teeth to cut the thread.