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Thursday, November 20, 2008

hello, world! it's mr. bean!

I am so sorry that I'm just posting these. I'm also so sorry that I've neglected the blog all week. Things are really crazy at work as we're in the midst of huge budget cuts and I'm still experiencing spontaneous gagging all day long. I have lots of thoughts about things I'd like to write about, but lately there hasn't been much time to write and when I have time to myself at home I take a nap or do some more gagging. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.
I'll hit the 11 week mark tomorrow! One week and one day until I'm out of the first trimester. Hopefully only one week and one day until the spontaneous gagging goes away. I have a pulled muscle around one of my ribs. This is getting painful in lots of ways.

I promise to post a picture of my belly soon, but there aren't any signs that I'm showing yet. My pants are a little tighter in the tummy, but they've been that way since we returned from our honeymoon! Remember, I was fighting the newlywed happy fat just a few weeks ago? I think that happy fat is stopping me from seeing a bump. But I'll definitely show all of you how it's progressing until I think that I've gotten too big and my pride is gone.

I want to introduce all of you to Mr. Bean! These were taken on November 11 when we had just started the ninth week. It was my third ultrasound. I had the first ultrasound right after the miscarriage scare, another a week later, then this one. They were able to do the November 11 ultrasound on top of the belly, which was much more fun. If you didn't know there was another way, it's okay. Neither did I until it happened.
We go back to the doctor on December 2 and will likely get to see the baby again. They're not labeling me "high risk" even though I experienced so much bleeding a few weeks ago. They do want to keep an eye on things, though. On November 11, they could still see where I'm bleeding internally even though I haven't seen any physically signs that I'm bleeding in about three weeks. I know that too many ultrasounds aren't a great idea, but I'm anxious to watch this internal bleeding that's healing just fade away. We're on the right track. So, again, here s/he is! Look closely to see him/her. The pictures were scanned in from the copies they gave me at the doctor's office.