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Thursday, January 29, 2009

the push present

I think Todd was a little surprised at Thanksgiving when my pregnant cousin informed him of the "push present." I'm sure he was thinking, "I just married her. Now I have to give her a present for having a baby?" Of course he doesn't have to, but I think it's a wonderful tradition. Wink wink.

When we purchased my wedding ring that was fitted to my engagement ring, the jeweler had to make a mold. He told us he would hang on to the mold because he was sure that Todd would come back someday to get the ring for the other side. I said, "Oh! Five or ten year anniversary presents!" And the jeweler corrected me and said that he was implying that Todd should come back when our first child is born. Who knew that would come so soon?

So, if it's not the other piece of the wedding ring set, then I'm thinking that I love the David Yurman blue topaz ring. Topaz is my birthstone and I have tried this ring on about twenty times already.

And there's always the option of taking a trip. My mom has offered to keep the baby for a week whenever Todd and I are ready to take a belated anniversary trip. A real babymoon is not an option for us because my work schedule is too hectic this Spring. Our anniversary is May 3 and I'll be a month from my due date at that point. A beach vacation is out of the question. No one wants to see that! A city vacation is not a great idea because I know my legs and ankles will be enormous and walking around could become miserable.

So it looks like we'll have to wait on a trip until the baby is a little bit older and we decide that we're ready to leave him.
So those are the fun decisions ahead! Has anyone else heard of the push present?