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Friday, February 27, 2009

guest bathroom: before and after

Before Christmas, Todd and I finally broke down and bought a replacement sink and console for our downstairs bathroom. The house was renovated right before we moved in, but the previous owners decided to keep all of the original fixtures in the bathroom. 

It looked kind of cute, but the sink was such a pain to use. The mirror doubled as a medicine cabinet and was so tiny that you could barely see your whole face in it. The original tile is still on the floor and we absolutely love it. It is very tiny black and white tiles. All of the doors in our house are black and have all of the original hardware, so we wanted to find something that looked like the rest of the house for our bathroom.

This is also the bathroom that we'll use when we bathe our little boy. Here is a picture of the bathroom before:

The original sink had a spout for hot water and a spout for cold water. The bathroom also had zero storage, so we purchased the basket in the above picture to hold towels and wash cloths for our guests. 

And here is a picture of the bathroom after:

The adorable shower curtain that we had made with my mom's help at Calico Corners in Dallas.

You can see the new sink and mirror on the right. We also reversed the direction of the door swing so that it opens out into the hall instead of into the bathroom. This gives us so much more space and allowed us to get a bigger sink console without having the door hit it when it was opened into the bathroom.

We've been very happy with it. I think we still kept a lot of the charm of the bathroom in our 1930s house, but everything functions like it's brand new!