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Monday, February 02, 2009

what I'm looking forward to...

I get about six catalogs every day at my house. I used to love it. It was so much fun to curl up at 5:45 after I've let the dogs out and look at all of the catalogs. I'd build my shopping cart in my head or immediately grab my laptop and start making my own virtual shopping cart at the catalog's website.

Now, notsomuch. When your back side is still it's normal size, but your waist is nearly a 36, there's not much you can do. So I don't even open the catalogs anymore. However, yesterday, when I saw the new J.Crew ready to be thrown into the trash unopened, I decided to just give it a flip through.

Spring dresses are my favorite. I've got a closet full of last year's J.Crew spring dresses that I wore for showers and parties that I'll be dying to fit into. I'm going to have my friend Amy at Chapters on speed dial so she can get my body ready to fit into these dresses by August. The rule about having to wait so many weeks before being able to work out again may pose a problem, but this dress is motivation enough!

And these soft pink sling backs. I don't care what my doctor says. I'm wearing these this Spring!

J.Crew was there for me all through the wedding process and for every shower and brunch. Why are they failing me during my pregnancy? Where are the maternity clothes, J.Crew? Pregnant women look great in these colors!