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Thursday, April 02, 2009

a bloggin' good time

In about an hour, I'm heading to the airport to pick up dearest Mojito Maven for a fun-filled weekend of shenanigans and shopping. We're spending the day today in Columbia and I plan to show her around my town and eat at my favorite restaurant.

Tomorrow morning, we're heading to Charleston to meet up with GRITS! We're staying at the Charleston Place and eating dinner at Magnolia's tomorrow night. The lovely Nina was supposed to be joining us, but couldn't make it. I think she is secretly staying at home because she can't leave Kris Allen and her DVR behind.

I saw that someone left the comment on MM's blog asking if we are running the Cooper River bridge run. While Mojito Maven is on the fit train and could probably run that thing, none of us are running the bridge run. It's just a coincidence that she chose to visit during that same weekend.

Good times are coming! I'll post pictures on Sunday or Monday!