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Friday, September 19, 2008

readers choice {part II}: questions answered

Your questions were really random and really fun to answer. I'm going to go ahead and answer the first group now. If I get anymore, I'll answer them later.

What are the top 3 things you registered for and received that you would recommend every bride get?

We had such a good time registering for gifts! My top 3 items were the KitchenAid stand mixer (that I know you already have, Jenna), the pewter stem wine glasses from Williams-Sonoma, and pretty much our entire every day pattern by Juliska. We didn't register for anything out of the ordinary. We're covered in the furniture department. I considered registering for some off the wall things, but I really wanted to receive all of our dishes. We registered for fine china and every day china, so those items alone took a long time to complete. And we still haven't received all of our every day dishes.

What would your American Gladiator name be?
I'm ashamed to say that I've thought of this before. Todd and I watch reruns of the original American Gladiators all the time and I saw the American Gladiators live in the 3rd grade in Monroe, Louisiana. My American Gladiator name would be "Priss." That's what I am, that's how I would act in that situation, and I'm not going to pretend to be strong like "Ice" or "Diamond."

What is your favorite “guilty-pleasure” – a song, movie or TV show that you are embarrassed to admit you like?
This summer I became addicted to Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. My mom gives me a really hard time about that one.

If you lost your sense of smell but could only pick 3 things that you would still be able to smell, what 3 smells would you pick?
Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Puppy breath. Leaves burning in the fall.

What would your super power be?
The ability to eat and eat and eat without gaining weight. Does that count?

Mojito Maven also asked, "When can we become friends in real life?"
Hopefully really soon!

Do you like to cook? If so, do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?
I love to cook! I try new things every time I cook and I'm all about presentation. It's fun for me and each meal is like completing a new challenge or project. I like pork tenderloin, chicken tetrazzini, any recipe from Williams-Sonoma, and I love desserts. I'm happy to share recipes, but think I'll save it for another post so this one doesn't become ten miles long!

How did you and your husband meet?
I was working at a law firm and he had just started his first job there after finishing law school. We flirted for a long time and really got to know each other. It was a little weird being in the same workplace, but I left the law firm about a year later.

What is your favorite memory of your wedding?
There are so many, but my favorite memory is walking down the aisle. Yeah, yeah, all about me, but there were so many emotions wrapped up in that moment. The sweet sound of the flower girls bells, the majestic sound of Highland Cathedral on the gorgeous organ, holding on tight to my dad's arm while looking at my amazing husband-to-be right in front of me.

What is your favorite holiday memory?
I told my mom this the other day: My favorite Christmas memories are when it was just the four of us; my mom, dad, brother, and me. I loved Christmasses spent with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Those memories are priceless to me, but I loved being at our house, in my bed, and waking up on Christmas morning and not having to go anywhere. We would be lazy all day and it took hours to get all of our presents opened because we'd watch movies and eat breakfast while opening presents. There was never a schedule. You can only do those things with your immediate family.

What's your favorite Southern saying and why?
Bless his/her heart. I love this because you can say, "Oh, Suanne's baby is so ugly, bless his heart." Adding that little disclaimer at the end makes up for the fact that you just said the meanest thing imaginable!

I see you are from Louisiana. What places do you consider must-see in Louisiana?
I'm more into the must-eat in Louisiana. Sorry for not completely answering your question. Someone that's not from Louisiana will most-likey be visiting New Orleans, so I'll go with New Orleans. You must eat at Camellia Grill, an amazing, tiny little diner on Carrollton in New Orleans. They have the best (and most deadly) chili cheese omelettes. You have to eat it with French fries and a chocolate milkshake.

I'm also going to recommend Commander's Palace (where Emeril was once a chef) and Jacques Imos. You'll spend lots of money at Commander's Palace, but it's worth it. This place is so fancy New Orleans. Jacques Imos is great for poboys and a more relaxed environment, but it's another side of New Orleans worth seeing!

What's your comfort food?
Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Yum!

What's one odd habit you have?
I bounce my legs a lot when I'm sitting. I'm aware that it looks rude and looks like I'm impatient, but I'm honestly not. I could be nervous or anxious about something else. My best friend, Catherine, is 1000 times worse about this than I am, though!
I'm not sure it's a habit, but I fall down a lot. Really. About twice a month I'm bustin' it!

When, if at all, do you guys plan on starting a family?
We don't really have a definite plan. I love kids and would like to have three or four. I've always wanted a big family. Todd doesn't have any siblings, so our kids won't have cousins on his family's side. My brother is a long way away from having kids. So the big family is kind of up to us. Our hands are pretty full with work, dogs, and life, but we won't let too much time get away before we have kids. We're just not ready yet.

Were you a fan of the series Sex and the City and, if so, did you want Carrie to end up with Aiden or Big?
I'm a huge Sex and the City fan. I didn't watch the show when it was on the air, but I purchased all of the DVDs right after the show's finale. I watched them all in a matter of days. My best friend, Catherine, and I would have "Sex and the City nap time" and we'd curl up and watch the DVDs once a week and fall asleep.
I liked Aiden, but could always feel Carrie's frustration and restlessness with him. I'm so happy that she ended up with Big.

It's girl's night out - where do you go, what do you order, who are you with?
I go to Dallas/Ft. Worth with Catherine and Jennifer. We go somewhere wonderful to eat-- their choice. Eat a little. Drink a lot. Laugh a lot. I don't have many girlfriends in Columbia-- at least not the kind that come in groups. I moved here for grad school and all of my grad school friends have moved away. My friend, Christina, only moved to Charlotte so I see her as much as possible! I go to Dallas a lot to visit my family and I'm so fortunate that my best friends live there, too.

Favorite restaurant in Shreveport/Ruston, Louisiana?
I always say how much I miss Ruston restaurants. They're all small and you're always going to know half of the people in the restaurant, but the food is amazing! There are so many hole in the wall restaurants there that my tastebuds frequently wish for! I love The Dawg House, Ponchatoulas, Monjuni's, Rabb's, Papa Joe's (a poboy drive through), and Sundown Tavern. Yummy!
One of my favorite places in Shreveport is Strawn's. Strawberry pie! I also love Superior Grill and Superior's Steakhouse.

This may be bordering the privacy issue, but you mentioned the Hanky Panky panties a couple of times, and I have to wonder if they're really worth the $20-ish a piece?
Yes, I only wear Hanky Panky undies. The original is the best and I will never buy the low rise again. They do cost $18.00 a piece, but it's worth it. Just pick one up every time you go into a shop that sells them. Ask for someone to put them in your Christmas stocking. One year, my mom put three pair in my stocking. They come packaged all rolled up because they're one size fits all. They're totally worth the cost. Ask anyone else who owns them. You don't even know they're there and they're cute!

What is your favorite place to eat in Columbia?
We love Mr. Friendly's. We can walk there (on a 70 degree day) from our house and the atmosphere is perfect. I think I've tried everything on the menu and I love it all. The signature item is the filet mignon with French Quarter pimento cheese. I also love Rockaway Athletic Club. They have the best pimiento cheeseburgers. Are you seeing a theme here?

And your favorite place to shop in Columbia?
There's a really cute boutique called "Mary" in 5 Points. It has great clothes, but the prices aren't great. They carry Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG, Milly, Shoshanna, and lots of great clothes that are sometimes hard to find in Columbia. It's my go-to shop when I'm in need for a great outfit, fast!

What is your best beauty advice?
I don't feel qualified to answer this. I suggest finding a great cleanser (Bliss's Fabulous Foaming Facial Cleanser) and a great day and night moisturizer. I think that your hair is greatest accessory, so take care of it and use it to your advantage.

What is your favorite fall clothing find?
I have no money to spend on clothes, so this is tough to answer, but these are my most-wanted fall items:

What made you start blogging?

A couple of high school friends started a blog about their babies and I decided that it would be a good way to keep people updated on the wedding planning process. It really evolved into a bride blog and now a newlywed blog. I've really enjoyed the community.

What are your top 3 favorite movies?

Father of the Bride, Working Girl, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

And for fun I'm going to list my top 3 Christmas movies.

Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life.

How did you get to be in Southern Weddings magazine?

I actually wasn't in the magazine, just on their blog, but it was still really exciting. The editors at Southern Weddings are using the blog response to decide which weddings will be featured in the print version of the magazine. They feature some gorgeous weddings! Southern Weddings contacted our photographer, Kelly Moore Photography, and asked her to submit a couple of weddings to be featured on their blog. Kelly chose our wedding and another gorgeous North Carolina wedding. The editors at Southern Weddings will only take the recommendations from the photographers-- probably to make sure that no copyright issues occur. They sent the questionnaire to Kelly and she sent it to us to fill out. I dreamed of being featured on their blog or Style Me Pretty and I was so happy when I saw our wedding on there!

Where is your favorite vacation destination?

Gulf Shores is my favorite beach. It's so comfortable to me! Chicago is my favorite city. I definitely heart New York, but Chicago is so clean and beautiful! I backpacked through Europe when I finished college and if it's not cheating to say this, I'm going to say that Europe by Eurail is my favorite destination!

What was your college major?

I was a Speech Communication major at Louisiana Tech. This is not like speech pathology or audiology. I studied interpersonal and nonverbal communication and speech writing. I went on to get my Masters in Hospitality Management at the University of South Carolina and did an assistantship in event planning. (Cyndi, notice I didn't call it USC!)

How has blogging changed your life?

It hasn't changed my LIFE, but it has kept me really busy. After the wedding, I got asked by Elizabeth Anne Designs to be a guest blogger for a week. That was a lot of fun, but it took a month to write 12 good posts for them. I got to meet Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs a few weeks ago in Greenville, SC for lunch. That was so much fun! Since then, I've really enjoyed getting to know some of the other newlywed bloggers. I love how we're so similar in what we're all going through post-wedding. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the Dallas bloggers next time I go visit my parents and I'm really looking forward to meeting my new friend, Cyndi from Southern Daze IRL when I visit Louisiana at Thanksgiving.