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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

22 week belly

Today officially marks the 22nd week of my pregnancy. I can't believe we are past the half-way mark and well into the second half. My next appointment will be at 24 weeks, then I'll have another ultrasound at 28 weeks. After my 28 week appointment I'll start seeing my doctor every two weeks. That's just crazy to me. Time is seriously flying by and I feel like I haven't done anything!

My first shower is in Dallas on March 7 and invitations have apparently gone out for that. This means that Todd and I have to register this weekend. I'm completely overwhelmed by the idea of registering for baby gear. When you register for wedding gifts, you just pick out the prettiest things and the things you know you need and like. Registering for baby gear requires researching for safety purposes and lots of Consumer Reports information and comparisons.

I'm spending a week in Dallas from March 5-12 with my mom to pick out nursery fabric and furniture and get that ball rolling. Once I decide on fabrics I can choose a wall paint color and get moving on that. February will be over be we know it and we'll be one month closer to Baby Boy's arrival.

MM, here's the next "hot" baby bump photo. You can see that my face is definitely starting to fill out. It's amazing how much weight you can gain when you're not throwing up every hour! I feel great because I was finally able to get my hair highlighted again yesterday. It had been six months since my last highlight. I couldn't get it highlighted in the first trimester, then my stylist went on maternity leave, and now I don't have an ugly dark line separating new hair from old hair.