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Saturday, October 13, 2007

202 days to go!

While the wedding was officially on when I accepted Todd's proposal on April 28, now it feels like it's officially officially on! The Save the Dates went out yesterday, and probably won't reach their destinations for a week due to their hugeness and the fact that each postmaster will weigh every single Save the Date before sending it on its way. I've really had so much fun planning the wedding and Crazy Event Planner Erin hasn't even shown herself yet. I realize that when the big day is six months away (on November 3) I'll really start focusing on the details, but so far, it has been a lot of fun.

Todd and I are going to Greenville for Furman's homecoming in a few weeks and I'm planning to nail down the menu details and work more closely with the Westin Poinsett's in house event planners. This is the part that I'm most nervous about. On May 3 I'll be hanging out with my bridesmaids, getting my hair and nails done, taking pictures, practicing writing my married name, and secretly worrying about everything. I won't be able to be at the reception site making sure all of the linens are to the floor, all the centerpieces are where they're supposed to be, and the three bars are in the most convenient places. I know that I should trust the ladies that work at the hotel and do this every weekend, but it's not their wedding and I'm sure they don't care about my wedding as much as I do. I've asked a couple of co workers to be stationed at the ceremony and reception sites on the Big Day for quality control. These ladies have been in this business longer than I have and have done lots of weddings on the side. I trust them with everything... except doing my hair. My hair will probably end up with its own blog closer to the date.

We had our first engagement party on September 23 in Yorktown, Indiana. My family moved to Yorktown from Louisiana when I was 13 and I lived there until I graduated from high school. We still have so many great friends there from church, school, and community. I was so excited that our dear friend, Jennifer Edwards, wanted to host an open house for us and that so many of our old friends came! It was great to see everyone and I was thrilled for Todd to get to meet so many of them. His parents drove all the way to Yorktown and his best friend, Matt Teevan-- who lives in Warsaw, Indiana, came down for the party, too.

I hope the last 202 days don't fly by because I know these days are very special, but I can't wait to be Mrs. Erin Carroll!