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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

6 Months to Go!

On Saturday morning, November 3, Todd and I were standing in line at Starbuck's and almost simultaneously said to each other, "It's November 3. Six months to go!" We're so excited and can't believe how close it's getting.

We'll close on the house on December 28, I'll move in and start decorating, and then the countdown will start. Once 2008 arrives, I know the days are just going to fly by and I'm going to be wishing I had more time to get everything done. My biggest concern is that our big golf tournament, the Garnet Jacket Classic, is the weekend before the wedding. From January-May 3 I'm going to be juggling the tournament and the wedding-- and y'all know I'm going to want to work on the wedding more than the tournament.

Keep us in your prayers as we prepare our hearts and minds for the big day and, most importantly, our life together!
I haven't shared all of our engagement pictures yet.

Click on the link below:

The password is "erin."

Some of them are obviously not print-worthy and please keep in mind that it was a very hot day in Louisiana. I am just going to give Kelly a shout out, though. She is the most amazing photographer. She's located in Ruston, Louisiana and I've known her since I was a little girl. After college, she really started doing some amazing things with wedding photographer and I've just known that she had to do our pictures. We took our engagement pictures in July, I'll go back to Louisiana for my bridal pictures in the Spring, and then Kelly is coming here for the wedding in May. Go to for more of her amazing photography!

Kelly was about 8 months pregnant the day we took our pictures and she was such a stud! She was lying on the ground to get some of the shots. Her little girl, Posey, was born about a month ago and she's absolutely gorgeous!

Anyway... enjoy the pictures!