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Monday, January 28, 2008

cake, cake, cake

Wedding details are being finalized and I can't believe that we're just over 3 months away from the big day. On Saturday morning I drove to Greenville for my trial hair appointment and to pick up my two miniature cakes to taste. The hair appointment was lots of fun and I really enjoyed getting to know the guy that's doing my hair. We worked out one potential style on Saturday and I'm going back in a few weeks to try it one more way.

After my hair appointment, I drove to visit my cake maker, Patty Cakes. She prepared two miniature cakes for me in the two (surprise) flavors that I've chosen. The little cakes were just so cute! I tasted them immediately after I got home and Todd and I couldn't stay out of them. I brought all that was left of them to work today to give to my coworkers-- I don't need that much cake BEFORE the wedding.

Pay no attention to the design on the cake-- there are much better things to come!

My first shower is this weekend in Dallas, hosted by my Aunt Lillie at the Mansion at Turtle Creek. I'm so excited to see everyone and get fitted for my dress again. I'll post pictures of the shower next week.