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Monday, January 28, 2008

lost to return in 2 days!

since the move to 1725 enoree avenue, i've waited to program my DVR to record every new episode of lost. i couldn't set it to record because it wasn't on. it hasn't been on since may 2007. finally, lost will return on january 31. i'm so excited. due to the lack of prime time entertainment because of the writers strike, there hasn't been much on TV that i care about lately. i've been watching my lost DVDs and trying to refresh my memory on some of those tiny details. i can't wait to find out what the losties do with charlie's final message. did charlie really drown in the looking glass? how did they get off the island? in last season's finale, whose funeral did jack attend? why did jack turn into an addict? hopefully... HOPEFULLY... these questions will be answered this season. and hopefully the writers strike will end in time for us to not be without lost again for a long period of time.