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Monday, February 18, 2008

i gotta send my love down to baton rouge...

I flew to Baton Rouge on Friday afternoon after work and arrived around 8:30 p.m. Mrs. Reona, the lady that kept me when I was a baby, and my mom's Aunt Helen hosted a beautiful little shower for me at the French Market Bistro in Baton Rouge. I had such a great time. I got to see so many of our old friends and neighbors, friends from church, family from Houma, and some college girlfriends that live in Baton Rouge now.

My old babysitter, Rhonda, was there with her little girl, Rowan. I was a junior bridesmaid in Rhonda's wedding in 1995 and now she was attending a shower for my wedding and brought her beautiful little girl.

Mom and Dad drove down for the shower and we stayed with C.C. and Aunt Helen. After the shower (where we ate warm crawfish salad and a dessert called Louisiana Lust-- why don't we live in Louisiana with this amazing food???), we went to Coffee Call for some cafe au lait and beignets. Not that we were hungry at all. I can't pass up beignets, though.

I was so excited that I had gotten to see so many friends and family, but there was one person that I hadn't seen in forever that I really wanted to see and hadn't seen since she got married. My little sis from Alpha Chi days, Lauren. She happened to email me that night-- thank goodness for my trusty new pink Blackberry-- and said to please call so we could catch up since she couldn't make it to the shower. I went to her house and we had the best time catching up! She taught me how to use the timer on my camera-- and after some REALLY bad attempts at a picture, this is what we came up with.

It's kind of like I'm taking a tour of my life right before we get married. It has been so much fun! This weekend, my friend, Christina is coming down with her boyfriend and we're going to a Carolina baseball game. Todd will be away at the firm retreat and it will be great to spend some time with Christina.

Happy President's Day! I hope I'm not the only one that had to work!