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Monday, March 24, 2008

a special send-off

Our wedding reception is being held at the same hotel where Todd and I will stay on our wedding night. We're also hosting a farewell brunch the morning after the wedding and we weren't really sure what to do for a send off/exit because we don't really have anywhere to go!
We also weren't allowed to throw rose petals or bird seed and I think that bubbles are disgusting. I really wanted to use sparklers, but we're also not allowed to do that. I saw this really cute, environmentally friendly idea to use rods and ribbon to create wands with streamers on the end. The guests will create a tunnel and wave the ribbons as we run through them.
We're going to take a short horse and buggy ride around downtown Greenville and come back to the hotel after the coast is clear.
Now I've just got to start my little DIY project of creating the wands! The first picture is my favorite.

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