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Monday, July 21, 2008

update on the doggies

Fiona is doing great in our house. I love her so much already! I mentioned before that my cousin, John, bought Fiona to breed her. He loved her, of course, but she was also a mommy. When we adopted her I knew that we would have her spayed as soon as we could or as soon as we could afford it. The first week we had her, I took her to get all of her shots and told the vet that I wanted to wait until August to spay her. She asked me when Fiona's last heat cycle was and I told her that I had no idea. I'd only had her two days. She informed me that dogs go into heat a few times a year. I just figured there was no way that she'd go into heat in July. We'd make it to August!
We made it one week. One week! Fiona was in heat by July 6. I felt like I had a 12 year old daughter-- trying to figure out what to do and how to clean it up or stop it from making a mess. The vet told me to just slap a diaper on her for 3 weeks. 3 weeks?!?!? Dogs are in heat for 3 weeks? How did I not know this after a lifetime of having dogs? Oh, I know. We listened to old Bob Barker and always had our pets spayed and neutered. Poor Fiona.

Todd and I quickly ran to Petsmart and picked up two packs of doggie diapers in size small. We managed to figure out how to get it on Fiona. They have holes for the tail. Hilarious, really!

Isn't that ridiculous looking? My biggest concern was making sure she didn't tee-tee in the diaper. And she did. A few times. She ran outside behind me one time and squatted in the grass and totally forgot she was still wearing the diaper. Sad. We were taking the diaper off every time we took her outside and putting the diaper back on every time she came back in. After three days we felt like the three weeks had passed us a long time ago. Each day felt like a week.

The other issue was that the girl wanted some lovin' and she was going to Boudreaux to get it. She would lick his ears and try and seduce him. When I was in Atlanta, Todd called to tell me that Boudreaux had finally succumb to Fiona's seduction and he was reacting. Thank goodness one of these dogs was fixed. The whole thing was really a disgusting nightmare.

I called our beloved vet and asked her if there was any way that she could be spayed before the heat cycle was finished. She said that it opened up the doors for more complications, but that it could be done and she would take care of little Fi. We were there on Monday.

A week has passed and things are back to normal. Boudreaux can relax, Fiona can relax, and most importantly, Todd and I can relax. They're back to wrestling and nipping at each other at all hours of the day. Normal dog behavior. Fiona gets her stitches out on Friday morning.

Here's a shot of Boudreaux at the peak of his torture. His yellow devil eyes show his happiness for all that's going on around him. A new dog in the house. Wearing a diaper. Putting the moves on him.