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Saturday, August 09, 2008


I just signed up for the Preppy Fall Swap hosted by Preppy Mama. I heard about this through Vineyard Vogue and I'm really excited to participate in my first swap-- especially during my favorite season! Head on over there and sign up, too!

How cute is the button that Preppy Mama's husband created? You know I love acorns. My last name (or maiden name) sounds a little like "acorn" and when I was little, people would tease me and call me "Erin Acorn." Todd caught on to this after we met and that's what he calls me a lot of the time. He gave me a necklace last year with lots of tiny gold acorns hanging from it. We even put little acorns in his boutonniere. Fall is a good time to be "Erin Acorn!"