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Sunday, August 31, 2008

football is off to a great start!

My husband and I have lots of reasons to celebrate this Labor Day weekend! All of our teams won-- even Furman! Washington and Lee didn't play, but we'll be sure to post their very exciting highlights throughout their football season.*
(* kidding)
Louisiana Tech (my alma mater) beat Mississippi State 22-14 in Ruston! The bulldogs vs. the bulldogs! It was the first time that Tech hosted an SEC team at home and the first time they've beaten an SEC team since 1999. Geaux Dawgs!

The University of South Carolina (my grad school alma mater) shut out NC State 34-0 at home on Thursday night. We're looking forward to more exciting games this season as our schedule gets tougher. Todd is headed to Nashville on Thursday morning to watch the Gamecocks take on Vanderbilt. Go Cocks!

And maybe most importantly, Clemson lost. The ACC pretty much fell flat on their faces yesterday and our house couldn't be happier. The No. 9 ranked team fell to No. 24, Alabama at the Georgia Dome. I'm not an Alabama fan, but I was yesterday. My cousin and her husband are big Alabama fans and I know they were happy. The final score was 34-10. Roll Tide!