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Monday, September 01, 2008

more movies

I rented lots of movies again and spent most of the weekend either watching said movies, College football, the Republican National Convention, or Gustav coverage.

I finally watched P.S. I Love You and really didn't like it. I think I just don't really care for Hilary Swank. Then I watched Into the Wild and loved it-- again. I still haven't read the book and know that I need to read it soon and watch the movie again.

Last night I rented The Waitress with Keri Russell and watched it this afternoon. It may be one of my new favorite movies. It was really an adorable movie. I recommend it to anyone. It was such a feel good movie and I never looked to see what time it was to try to figure out how much longer the movie would last-- which I have done a lot lately. I seem to have more and more trouble sitting through movies.

Todd and I went out today to look for a TV for our kitchen. I was hoping to find something that could mount underneath our cabinets so I wouldn't have to take up counter space. I really can't stand cluttered counter tops and like to put everything in my kitchen in a cabinet. Apparently they don't really make those TVs that mount to your cabinets and flip down anymore. But we found an incredible deal at Best Buy (one of my favorite places on Earth) on a 19" flat screen with a built in DVD player. So during the holidays I can stand in my kitchen and cook while still watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade-- also wrongly known by some as the "Macy's Day Parade"-- ouch. Anyway... I'm really excited about the TV and really pumped that the DVD player is built in-- allowing me to save more counter space!

Thanks to my friend Cyndi at Southern Daze's recommendation, I'm renting Season 1 of Gossip Girl. I realize that Season 2 starts tonight, but I'm already DVRing the new season and will hopefully have watched all of Season 1 by the end of next weekend. The Gamecocks are away and will play at Vanderbilt on Thursday night, so I'll have all weekend to get wrapped up in Gossip Girl and only have to catch up on one episode of Season 2!

Currently, I'm curled up with Fiona and getting ready to watch Season 1 of Mad Men. My mom talks about this show a lot and other than American Idol, we don't really watch any of the same shows. I'm going to try to have this one finished soon, too. I've got so much to do! Who has time to work or teach?