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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

gettin' in gear

I've allowed myself to have one big bad meal per week and I had mine tonight. {Yummy! } Now I feel pretty full and huge.

My crazy exercise routine sort of fell by the wayside after the wedding. I still get in a decent amount of exercise, but I haven't been consistent. Fortunately, Group Exercise at the University starts back tomorrow and I'm excited to get my routine back. Last semester, there was a 5:30 class option, but it has bumped back to 5:45. I'm not trying to sound like a whiner or anything, but those fifteen minutes can make a big difference in my daily schedule. It's the difference between getting home at 7:00 and getting home just before 7:00. Oh well. Three nights a week won't hurt us. Boudreaux and Fiona will just have to find their patience.

It looks like I'll be at Body Sculpting on Tuesday and Thursday and at Cycling on Wednesday and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Has anyone else found themselves in an exercise rut?