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Thursday, August 21, 2008

gettin' in gear {part II}

Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement on the exercise topic. I should have mentioned that before the wedding, I was going to classes five days a week and I loved it. I was doing Body Sculpting and Cycling. The Cycling is definitely something you have to get used to. The seat is murder! My friend still has to wear padded shorts to protect herself. After a couple of sessions with a great instructor who likes great music, I was motivated and determined to ride faster and harder each time. I love both of these classes.

Fortunately, for me, I can go to the on-campus gym for free. I've found that when I pay to use a gym I never go, but when I had access to this gym with no charge, I went religiously. I'm weird like that.

The summer schedule was no good and not designed around people who work, so I didn't have many options there. I'm looking forward to putting exercise back into my routine, but without the motivation of having to fit into my size 4 wedding dress! I know that people put on weight during their first year of marriage similar to the way girls put on weight during their first year of college. I'm determined to stop this from happening.

Classes start today. Let's think good thoughts that we'll have great instructors who use great music-- otherwise it's all over for me! In the Spring classes, we had a Cycling instructor who had us listening to the most random techno music and she'd sing along. Not the most inspiring for me. I love the elliptical machine and the stairmaster, but you have to schedule a time to use those machines at this gym and that's pretty much the opposite of convenient. The great thing about the classes is that you can build it into your schedule and there is some accountability with the instructor and your classmates. I love the sense of community! Last semester there were five engaged girls in my class.

I think I also deserve a big high five for being faced with 10 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts this morning and not having a single, fresh from the oven, melt in your mouth, doughnut.