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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

blurb giveaway

I am so so so excited about this October giveaway! As a recent bride and now a newlywed I understand the importance of preserving images and keeping all of your photos organized. I also love to blog and have considered putting all of my posts in a book. Someday we'll have kids and I'll want bound books of my photos of them. For our wedding, we created a guest book with our photos printed in it and left blank pages for our guests to sign. I wish we'd had a vendor that could print the photos on the page and create lines for our guests to sign the book.

I have found the perfect place to do all of these things; The folks at Blurb contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I'd be willing to host a giveaway for their products. After looking through the website and creating a huge list of books I'd like to create for myself and for gifts, I immediately agreed!

Blurb is a creative book publishing platform that enables anyone to produce their own bookstore quality book. Blurb’s BookSmart software is free to download at and includes a huge variety of professionally designed layouts. Relatively new is the option to produce an ImageWrap hardcover book. This prints your cover image directly onto the book for a matte, sophisticated (and durable) finish. You can still have the options of softcover and hardcover with dust jacket. Books start at $12.95 for a 7x7” softcover book. Other sizes include 10x8”, 8x10” and 13x11”. Looking for some inspiration? Check out the books in Blurb’s Bookstore at

It's free to create the book and the prices for the purchase of the book vary depending on your choice of size.

I'm so excited to be able to offer a giveaway for 5 readers! I will be giving away five (5) $54.95 bookmaking codes that will be redeemable for a book you produce using Blurb.

Here's how it works:

Leave me a comment saying you'd like to be entered, then email me a photo that you would like to use as the cover of your book. I will simply select the five photos that I like best and award those five readers with bookmaking credits from Blurb. {This will definitely be hard for me!}

To announce the winners, I will share the five winning photos and runners up (with permission) on my blog. The photos do not have to be professional quality. They just have to be a photo that you took yourself.

I hope you're all interested in playing! If you are a winner, I will email the code for Blurb to you. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 7, 2008.

Email your photos to me at erakin11 {at} hotmail {dot} com.