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Monday, September 29, 2008

to sell or not to sell

I've been thinking a lot lately about selling my wedding dress. I love my dress and I'm definitely attached to it, but I will never wear it again. I'm not sure I could ever fit into it again! Mojito Maven posted today that she sold her dress and she told me the avenue she used to sell the dress. I've read about other bride bloggers who purchased a previously worn dress and some who sold their dress.

I paid a strong amount of money for the dress and think that I could get some of that back. It's just a dress. I got my wear out of it. I'm not naive enough to think that my daughter (if I have a daughter) will wear it at her wedding. I would never ask my daughter to wear it at her wedding. I'm going to keep my veil. It's so timeless and the lace is stunning. It could easily become an heirloom piece.

I have lots of wonderful pictures by Kelly Moore of me in the dress and the pictures capture every possible angle of the dress. It will be forever preserved in my memory and in photos.

The dress is a Carolina Herrera from the 2006 collection. It's a size 4 and has been slightly taken in. I'm 5'8", so it's unlikely that the purchaser will be taller than 5'8" and not have enough length on the dress.

My question for you, dear bloggers and readers, is, "will I regret selling my dress?" Did you sell your dress? Did you purchase a previously worn dress? Who is the best seller?