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Monday, September 15, 2008

christmas decorating for a newlywed

Christmas is a few months away, but I spent a good part of the weekend (when I wasn't getting sunburned) searching for Christmas decorations for our house. Then A Belle and Her Beau did a post today about where she and her husband would be spending their first holidays as a married couple, so I thought I'd touch on our holiday schedule.

Todd and I spent last Christmas in Dallas with my parents and brother and we spent Thanksgiving here in Columbia with his family. It makes sense for us to spend Christmas in Dallas because I have two weeks off of work and I can get a nice trip in. My cousin is pregnant and my mom and I want to host a shower for her at Thanksgiving. We decided to go to Louisiana for Thanksgiving for the shower and spend Christmas in Columbia at our house. My parents and brother will come to Columbia and we'll celebrate it all together with my family and Todd's family.

I'm so excited to be celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple in our own home! I love visiting my parents for holidays, but I'm really looking forward to trying to establish some traditions in our house. I'm also really excited about decorating the house and feeling the magical feelings of Christmas here at our house. It's definitely hard because we aren't all in the same town, but it's about compromise and finding the best option for that year's holidays.

Ideally, we'd travel at the holidays, stop buying gifts, and go on an incredible trip to Spain!

Now, I need help. I found a couple of options for Christmas stockings. I'm going to go ahead and buy 4 stockings so the dogs can have one for now, but someday when little people are living in this house, I won't have to look for matching stockings again.

Here are my options. I found both of these at Horchow/Neiman Marcus. One is whimsical and fun-- and looks a lot like my Christmas tree. The other is very traditional, but beautiful.

Whatcha think?

The whimsical stockings are Krinkles by Patience Brewster.

Then, the more traditional option.