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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

crazy dog

It is official. While he is lovable, gorgeous, and wild, our Boudreaux is also neurotic, anxious, and depressed.

He has chewed himself raw at least 8 times since May and has lived in a lampshade/e-collar for the past 4 weeks straight. We've tried everything and it still hasn't stopped. He goes on long romps every day where he runs to the point of all night exhaustion. He's not bored.

We're not sure what brought all of this on, but we think it has something to do with the fact that I can't spend every waking hour with him. The vet diagnosed it as separation anxiety.

So today, our beloved Golden Retriever, Boudreaux is going on anti-depressants. I thought I could just stop by the vet's office the other day to pick them up, but she said she had to order them from Long's Pharmacy. That's my pharmacy! My dog is going on people meds?

What's worse is that I can't get my insurance to cover Boudreaux's canine medication, but if he's on people meds I could probably put it on my Rx insurance card. But then that would affect my insurance rates.

Oh the trials and tribulations of dog ownership!

Fiona was a little messy when we first adopted her. She needed a bath and she had some ear infections. We found out that she has to have knee surgery and she's only 2! But now she's fine and our first born has the issues.

Let's hope that in two weeks, after being on his anti-depressants, Boudreaux will be a different dog and will be back to his old self... like in the photo below!

Who needs kids when we have these crazies to take care of?

Speaking of kids, my adorable cousin is pregnant and she sent me this picture last night. How exciting! Who needs kids when your favorite cousin is having a little girl and you can play with her?

UPDATE: Boudreaux does not have food allergies. Many of you have left comments suggesting that this may be the issue. He has had allergy tests and all kinds of skin tests. This is most definitely a mental issue. We're just not positive if he is having separation anxiety or if he's having Fiona anxiety.