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Monday, October 06, 2008

the Blurb winners!

Now for the winners! Congratulations to those who submitted the following 5 photos! I loved your stories and your images! I'll be emailing your Blurb codes to you soon!

submitted by Nina

This photo had me asking so many questions. I want to see this in person every day!

submitted by Catherine

funniest baby photo ever! just give him a beer and he's good to go.

submitted by The Lavender Lily

simply stunning!

submitted by Kim

"The details behind the picture... a week before I accidentally found out about his plans to propose and Johnny skillfully came up with a web of lies to throw me off his path. By the time the night of the proposal came around, I was so down and almost depressed to think that I even hoped he would be proposing that night. I thought our night was over (we were celebrating an early Valentines Day)... when we were strolling around in Old Town Pasadena. We were walking through this courtyard and on the big screen that is against one of the shopping buildings (used to play old movies during the summer time), he stopped me and asked me to look up. 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong started playing throughout the courtyard and a homemade video started playing on the big screen. It was a short clip of me as a 3-year old dancing around... followed by bold words "This is a question for Kim.. from Johnny".. and then a series brief clips of my closest family and friends holding up signs saying "he promises to love you forever" "he promises to love you unconditionally" "he promises to take you back to your innocence"... "but only if you say yes" "say yes!" "yes!!" "say yes!". The video closes and Johnny gets down on one knee to propose! I think it is completely appropriate to use this as the cover since I plan to put engagement, planning, and weddign pictures into the album. Everytime I think back to this night, I am overwhelmed with joy!! "

submitted by Randall of Happy For This Moment

"As a born and raised Florida "cracker," I love the beach. Maybe not the sunburn, the sand in your car or sticky feet but a cool breeze along the water while watching the sunset here on Florida's golf coast cannot be beat. A comfy beach chair, a great book and a handful of your favorite shells is a great way to spend a relaxing Sunday evening. I'm getting married in exactly 40 days and then moving to St. Louis with my fiance leaving my dearly beloved Florida behind. I would make the attached photo the cover of my Blurb book and fill it with many photos of my wonderful Florida life. It was taken by me on Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida in July 2008."

Even if you didn't win, you can still purchase a gorgeous book from Many of you want to use them as gifts or keepsakes. Some wanted to use them as guestbooks for their upcoming weddings. I want to make some cookbooks for Christmas gifts.