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Sunday, October 05, 2008

call me old-fashioned...

I like housework. My best days are spent at our house doing laundry, folding, ironing, putting away, all while I sing a little song or watch a chick flick on our new kitchen TV. My dogs lie down right beside me and rest. They seem so at ease just knowing that someone is at home with them during the day.

Yesterday we managed to accomplish a lot. And all before the 2:00 Pay-Per-View kick off.

1. We got up and took all of our wedding photos to be framed. I want to have our hallway of photos finished before our guests arrive on Halloween weekend. The frame shop was closed until Tuesday. They left an apologetic note on the door.

2. We went to Barnes and Noble and killed an hour. I picked up sTori Telling, Captivating, The Lucky One (the new Nicholas Sparks book-- for the plane ride to Dallas on Wednesday), and the new Martha Stewart Weddings and InStyle Weddings. I had a much bigger stack, but decided to actually purchase only half of them. After watching the cast of The Secret Life of Bees on Oprah this week, I found my copy of the book on my bookshelf and I've decided that I need to crack down and read it before the movie comes out. Am I the only one that hasn't read it yet?

3. We went to a church youth group's pumpkin sale and picked up three large pumpkins. When we brought them home we realized that three isn't nearly enough. I need a large bail of hay and about six more pumpkins.

4. Todd and I drove to the local dog food store and picked up a 40 lb. bag for Boudreaux. We also got him a huge raw hide that he was determined to finish before bed time. And he did. Since finishing, he has consumed over a gallon of water.

5. We stopped by Walgreen's to pick up a replacement tip for my Zeno. Does anyone else own a Zeno? Don't you love it? I swear by these things and I'm asking for the miniature version for Christmas. I also took Muffy Martini's advice and picked up the SPF 55 Neutrogena daily sunscreen that she recommended. SPF 25 wasn't cutting it for me every day.

6. We dropped off all of our purchases at home and picked up Fiona to head out to Petsmart. We were trying to find a pet carrier that she will fit into that also fits airline size requirements. We want to carry her on to the plane on Wednesday. Unfortunately, our little girl is too tall. Tall and slim, so she meets the weight requirement, but I don't think we'll be able to carry her on the plane unless we put her in my Land's End canvas tote and zip her up in there.

On a side note, Petsmart was hosting two adoption days for two local no-kill shelters in Columbia. Y'all would not believe how gorgeous these dogs were. Some were purebred and full grown. I guess people that can't afford to feed their dogs just get rid of them. If we had a huge house and huge yard (and didn't already have two dogs) I would have brought home at least six dogs yesterday. My heart was broken.

7. We rushed back home, got cleaned up, and headed over to our friends' house to watch the Gamecocks play at Ole Miss on Pay-Per-View. Our hostess fixed duck and venison gumbo. Mmmm boy! So good. The Gamecocks won.

8. We rushed home again to let the dogs out and feed them before going to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday and my in-laws' anniversary. We went to our favorite, Mr. Friendly's, and had a great time. Happy Birthday, RC!

9. I finished up three loads of laundry when we got home before falling into bed. I got up early this morning to have time to myself to do more laundry. It's therapeutic.

That's a run down of our Saturday. We're headed out to see Fireproof today. Hope you all have a great Sunday!