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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

not even listening?

Todd and I have a huge crowd of people coming in town this weekend for the USC v. Tennessee game. Thirteen of his law school friends will stay at our house from Friday until Sunday. We're very excited because it promises to be a very fun weekend. I've got a lot running through my head of things I need to do to get ready. I'm going to make some casseroles to have ready for Friday night as people trickle into town, I need to get tailgate food in order, and wash all of our towels and sheets to make sure that everyone is accommodated.

Todd goes out of town today until late Thursday night, so I'll be handling most of this on my own and I wanted to make sure that we weren't forgetting something before he left town.

I called Todd at work to run some of this by him and here's how the conversation went:

Me: "We need to make sure that we have tailgating in order because it will be so late when you get back."

T: "Yeah."

Me: "We should just order some chicken and pick it up on Saturday morning. I'll make pigs in blankets, cookies, brownies, and something else that will stay hot."

T: "Sounds good."

Me: "You're going to help me, right? I just don't want to forget anything."

T: "I understand."

Me: "Well, are you writing any of this down?"

T: "No. Actually, I really haven't even been listening to you. About fifteen emails just came in and I've been reading them while you're talking."