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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a common topic these days

I don't think it's any secret how much I loved our professional wedding photos. It was the best money spent on wedding details and our photographer is a true artist.

As part of our wedding package with her, we received 12 photos mounted on boards in various sizes from our engagement session and from my bridal session. We displayed them around the wedding reception. After the wedding, I had them framed in black frames with white mats.

Then I decided that I wanted our hallway to look like this.

I also love these two photos (in poor quality) from Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's house. I love all the photos lining the hallway and the two gorgeous prints of the two of them in their bedroom. Someone posted a comment on Mojito Maven's post about it only being right to hang photos of the two of you in your bedroom. No kid photos, no parent photos. Just the two of you in your romantic room.

Because I only had about 12 photos of all different sizes, there was no way that they'd all fill up the walls, so we ordered more. A lot more. In 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. I framed one large bridal portrait and then there are some really fun candids. We got some gorgeous photos of our parents and one of my favorites is of Todd's hands.

The frame shop called yesterday to tell me that they've finished framing them all, so we'll get the hanging done tomorrow before our house guests arrive.

I'm not the first to post about this. Mojito Maven asked for everyone's advice on what to do with wedding photos. I promise I'm not trying to steal her post. I'm just so excited about our photos being finished. I actually don't want anyone's opinion on whether or not they like my idea of hanging up all the photos. We've paid for the photos and the framing and we're doing it anyway! I have a few small prints in the guest bedrooms. The photographer gave us a disc with all of the high-res images and I've been able to print these on my own.

As the years go by, I plan to have Kelly come take photos of our children and our home and we'll replace our wedding photos with these.

Mrs. Newlywed also did a post similar to this one asking for your opinions on having photos of yourself in your home. I sort of think of it like this: it's our home and we're starting our own little family. I have photos of my brother, my parents, his parents, our dogs, and us as a couple. These are all the people (and canines) I love and I'm happy to see their pictures hanging on our hallway walls.

I think one of my favorites that I ordered is of my mom and me dancing to "Sweet Caroline" at the end of the night. When Neal Diamond says, "Reaching out-- touching me--- touching you" we reached out and held hands and the picture turned out so great. It'll be hanging in our hallway.