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Monday, October 13, 2008

onward tigers

The blogosphere is so much fun because I am a "follower" of two of my best friends from high school. Preppy Nonsense, Practically Perfect, and I were part of a group of 8 girls in high school.

Brittany of Preppy Nonsense recently posted some hilarious photos from high school and I'm shamelessly borrowing them.
I have long hair now, but it's honestly the second time in my whole life that I've had long hair. I had short hair all through high school except for my junior year. I'm the one with the short hair wearing the tiger ears. And I put little bows on my tiger ears!
See the green and yellow polyester pants? I inherited those green pants from a former senior girl and she passed them down to me. I still have them in my gym pants drawer. I couldn't pass them down to any of the younger girls!
We were riding on the float for the Homecoming 1999 parade- -we graduated in 2000. The theme was "Hey Now, You're An Allstar," so we had the Allstar shirts made and they had a double zero (00) on the back for 2000.

That's Brittany in the yellow pants. She "borrowed" them from the Athletic Department. Pretty sure they're from the '70s or '80s.

I'm in the back row wearing tiger ears again. Can you see the giant bell bottoms on those green polyester pants with the green tiger paw?

There's Brittany in the yellow pants and Jenny, from Practically Perfect, is on the back row with the long blonde hair.

And here we are at a basketball game. That's me with the super short blonde hair. I borrowed an old school puff sleeve sweater to wear with my polyester pants. The sweater said "Tigers" across the front. We were so fortune to have Kelly green as one of our colors!

Look at tiny Brittany in her little yellow pants and Jenny's gorgeous hair on the left.