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Sunday, October 19, 2008

sorry so absent!

It's been a very busy weekend, and I'm actually looking forward to getting back into the regular work week routine. Not because I love my job, but because I like routine.

Friday was fairly low key. I guess it felt busy because I had so many shows to watch on my DVR and those were just one other thing on my to do list to "check" off. Does anyone else get overwhelmed by a full DVR? We ate pizza leftovers and just hung out. That's pretty much how we spend all of our weekend nights unless something is already planned. We're watching our pennies and a $50 dinner seems a little silly right now. I completely enjoy spending every night at home-- especially when it cools off and we have to bundle up inside using the dogs to warm our feet!

We got up early Saturday morning to take a long walk with Boudreaux, run some errands, then get ready to pre-tailgate, tailgate, and then go to the SC v. LSU game. A friend had lots of family and friends in town from South Louisiana and I enjoyed meeting another Louisiana Tech graduate. We had gumbo and andouille sausage dogs. So yummy. Beginning the tailgate fun at 2:30 for a game that begins at 8:00 p.m. makes for a long day. It was pretty chilly last night at around 55 degrees, so it truly felt like football weather. Todd and I were sitting right next to the LSU band and LSU fans at the game. Of course I was cheering for the Gamecocks, but it was pretty hard not to get wrapped up in all the fun the LSU fans were having.

The Gamecocks had the lead at the half and the score was 17 to 10. Then our Gamecocks didn't score again in the second half and it all kind of fell apart, but I do feel like we out-played them. Have you ever lost a game, but still felt like you won at the end of the night? The final score was only 17-24 and LSU won, of course, but we played so much better than the Tigers for 80% of the game. It was really a lot of fun and those LSU fans never stopped having a good time. Singing, cheering, screaming. I love Louisiana people!

We made it home around 1:00 a.m. and got to bed around 2:00 a.m. My in-laws were so kind to take care of Boudreaux and Fiona for the day. Our house was divided on Saturday morning getting ready for the game. Todd and I were cheering for the Gamecocks. Fiona, our little South Louisiana native, was cheering for the Tigers. Boudreaux was generally confused and just wanted to play.