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Thursday, October 09, 2008

such a fun night!

Todd and I arrived in the big D last night around 7:30 and my parents picked us up at the airport. My mom was asking where we wanted to eat, so I told her all of the places I wanted to eat while we were in town, so they could decide when we would eat at each restaurant. I really just wanted to go home and make a sandwich, but they wanted to go out. We chose La Duni.

I emailed my blog twin, Mojito Maven, to let her know that we would be dining at her favorite restaurant to which she responded, "What?! We're headed there right now!"

She and Mr. Mojito walked in and I knew it was them! It was so much fun! We hugged like we'd been friends for years. She is so gorgeous and so funny in person. She actually reminds me of one of my best friends from high school. I'm so excited to get to have a scheduled mojito with her next time I'm in Dallas. We're already planning the business that we'll start together!

Here we are at La Duni-- my dad took this on his cell phone.

The only other blog friend I've met in person was sweet Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs.
Cyndi-- you're next! :)