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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


We're headed to the airport in just a few minutes and we're going to Dallas until Sunday! I am so excited. I've mentioned before that my parents live in Dallas, so we'll be visiting them. This is maybe the most amount of time I've been able to spend at their house in years. My brother is also coming over from Louisiana on Friday night, so it'll be a full family gathering.
We chose this weekend because USC is on fall break, so I don't have to teach-- making it much easier to take time off from my regular job. We also chose this weekend because the Texas State Fair is going on.
So, we'll be hanging with Big Tex and eating some deep fried s'mores. That'll really help my weight loss efforts, I'm sure.
I promise to post while we're there and hopefully I'll have good pictures to share, too!

photos from flickr