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Friday, November 14, 2008

baby love

A word to the wise: if you announce you're pregnant, you're going to get lots of blog awards that day!

The beautiful Nina of Nina Knows Best gave me this Uber Amazing Blog award. I love Nina's blog. Nina has my dream job and has amazing taste.

Nina also gave me this Bloggy Goodness Award. Bama Belle in the Big City and Muffy Martini also gave me this award yesterday. All of these ladies have great stories to tell and I really love how we've all connected from different parts of the country, but we're still experiencing many of the same things like Junior League, Lipstick Jungle, and SEC football. Thank you, ladies!

I'm passing these awards on to: (I'm trying to give it my favorite bloggers and some that haven't received this yet)

1. Southern Daze- an almost real life friend! I can't wait to meet her when I'm in Louisiana for Thanksgiving.

2. Practically Perfect- she has a great blog and she's one of my best friends from high school.

3. Preppy Nonsense- another great friend from high school days. She has adorable dogs and a to-die-for closet!

4. Chapters- oh my goodness. This girl doesn't write a post that I can't relate to. I love her.

5. Magnolias, Marriage, and Manhattan- another pregnant blogger who was so sweet to email me a link to all of her pregnancy-related posts and send me a list of things I need while I'm pregnant. How sweet is that?