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Monday, December 01, 2008

cutest. dog. ever.

I just had to show all of you what Erin Vey posted on her blog today. Before we adopted Fiona, I wanted to get a Goldendoodle to be a companion for Boudreaux. You get the love and goofiness of the Golden Retriever without all the shedding.

Meet Rudy. A 12 week old Goldendoodle.

I'm finally getting around to posting an update on the Erin Vey photo contest. Fiona and I were not the winners, but we were runners up with a few other dogs and their owners.

Erin Vey emailed me after announcing the winner to let me know that the winner and his owner live in Charlotte and that we were welcome to drive up to Charlotte when she comes and have a little photo session at that time. I'll be super-pregnant then, but I won't be able to resist having Fiona's little mug captured by a real photographer! Besides, Charlotte is only a little over an hour away.