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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the dogs have taken over

I was tagged by LyndsAU and Mrs. Jetplane-- but Boudreaux and Fiona were actually tagged.

Here are the rules:
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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So Boudreaux and Fiona are taking over the blog for a few minutes this morning.

1. Boudreaux says, "I am the most defiant dog on the planet. If my mom or dad says, "NO!" I'm going to respond with a bark and get into my play stance with my back end in the air with my tail wagging around. It really makes them mad, but it's so funny!"

2. Fiona says, "When Boudreaux wrestles with me he can get really rough. He is five times my size and just pushes me around. It never really hurts, but I have a really high-pitched voice so I make him think it's hurting me. Then he'll back off and lie down and then I pounce on him. I love to take his big bushy tail and tug on it!"

3. Boudreaux says, "I don't like for Fiona to play with any toys. Mom and Dad keep buying her Fiona-sized toys, but I take them away very quickly. Stuffed toys with squeakers are my favorite, but the squeaker is going to be out of that toy within five minutes of them giving it to me. Then I like to play with the squeaker the way would. After the squeaker comes out, I spend about 20 minutes making sure all of the stuffing comes out of the toy until it's just a shell. They don't buy stuffed toys for me much anymore. I can't figure out why."

4. Fiona says, "I am a true lap dog. I have to be touching you. If you get off the couch I'm going to follow you where ever you go. Then once you sit back down I'm going to get right back in your lap. At night, when you sleep, I'm going to cuddle up next to you, but I'm not happy unless I'm pressed up next to you. My mom doesn't like this because it makes her too hot and she moves me over, but I always go right back."

"And I'm officially ignoring everyone in my family for posting another picture of me in the diaper."

5. Boudreaux says, "There's a little dance I do every time I get a big treat. I take it into the living room and toss it in the air and hop all around it. It brings the house down every time. I also like socks. I get the lid off of the hamper and find my mom's socks and walk around with them hanging out of my mouth. Then they chase me around until I let go of them. Here's a picture of my Dad chasing me through the park a couple of years ago."

6. Boudreaux says, "My mom likes to sing and dance around the house. It gets me so excited that I can't stand it. I always hop up on her and bark. I'm just trying to sing along. She likes to sing and dance while she cooks, but she doesn't like me in the kitchen when she cooks. Rules schmules!"