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Friday, December 12, 2008

a whole week!

Can you believe an entire week has gone by since I last posted? Does anyone even miss me?
Work has been crazy, I've been sick (as usual), and, like many of you, I've been overwhelmed with Christmas fun and frenzy.

A quick update on life... I am 14 weeks pregnant today. I'm so happy to be at week 14, but I was seriously hoping that I'd wake up this morning and feel 100% better. It hasn't happened yet. Maybe at 15 weeks things will get better. I sure hope so because my family is driving all the way from Dallas to be with us for at least a week and I want to feel top notch. If I don't feel great it'll be just fine because I can't think of anyone I'd rather be sick around than my mom. I think every girl on here would agree.

I'm not showing yet. I actually weighed less this morning than I've weighed in months-- thanks to all the throwing up I've been doing, I'm sure. I feel a tightness in my lower belly and I know it's the little baby in there, but no one knows I'm pregnant just from looking at me. I'm definitely not glowing either. I look like a 15 year old. I weigh what I weighed when I was a teenager and my face looks like it did when I was a teenager. NOTE: All of this whining doesn't mean that I'm ungrateful for the exciting things that are happening right now. I'm just venting and being honest.

I'm about to finish addressing our Christmas cards that the lovely Nina designed and had printed for us. I'll post the final card after we mail them out, but this is the little "mock up" version that doesn't include our real names that Nina so sweetly made for blog purposes only.

Isn't it adorable? And the real version is even cuter!