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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

there's a bump!

Yes, the little one growing inside of me is starting to make his or her appearance. There's not much of a bump and I don't have a picture to show you, but my regular clothes were starting to get really uncomfortable.

I tried the Bella Bands a few times, but they didn't really stay put and if my shirt wasn't long enough you could see the band. After church on Sunday, Todd, my mom, his mom, and I got in the car and headed to Charlotte to Destination Maternity. Destination Maternity has all of the major maternity retailers all in one location; A Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity, and Motherhood Maternity. Todd went on to the mall to entertain himself while the ladies watched me try on clothes.

Trying on maternity clothes was even more strange than trying on a wedding dress for the first time. We found so many cute things and my mom and I did some serious damage at that store! Since then, I've been in clothes heaven! Maternity clothes are so cute and so comfortable.

I was able to find my usual Seven A-Pocket jeans, but maternity-style, and in my usual size. The legs and booty fit the same, but there's just lots of space for my expanding mid-section.

These are two of my favorite new short sleeved sweaters that I'll likely wear with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath.

I got to try on the little velcro baby bumps to see what the clothes will look like when I'm 7 or 9 months pregnant. That was pretty strange, too. My mom took a picture and I may be able to get my hands on that to show all of you. The other thing I noticed is that when I took the baby bump simulator off, I noticed my tiny bump a lot more! Maternity clothes these days don't hide the bump, the accentuate it so you can have your normal shape and curves, but that the bump looks like a baby bump and not a Christmas diet bump.

I'll be 17 weeks pregnant on Friday. Time is flying! I went to the doctor on Monday for the 16 week appointment and to have the genetic blood test done. I don't know the test results yet, but I'm trying not to really think about it. I didn't have an ultrasound, but I heard the strong heartbeat again and the doctor says that everything is fine.

I am feeling much better during the day (except for the last two days when I've pretty much thrown up all day), but I'm finding that I feel sick right when I lie down to go to sleep. Here's to no more throwing up in 2009!

Todd and I are spending the evening at home with Italian take-out and some movies. I can't think of a better way to spend the evening! Happy New Year, friends.