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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 is here!

I've been waiting on 2009 for just two reasons:

My DVR is taking care of American Idol tonight so I can watch The Biggest Loser and Real Housewives of Orange County (feel free to judge). I just can't believe I haven't seen a new episode of Lost since May. I can't wait to see what happens next week when it returns.

Awards season has also arrived. I was in Atlanta this weekend and watched the Golden Globes with my parents. They live in Dallas and don't have to wait weeks for all of the award-worthy movies to come to a nearby theater. I, on the other hand, may not see Slumdog Millionaire until it comes to DVD. There are a few award-worthy movies in Columbia and I have plans to see at least four movies over the long weekend.

And I hate to say something negative about Blake Lively because I am a Gossip Girl fan, but how on Earth did put her on their Best Dressed list from Sunday night's Golden Globes?

This dress is at least one size too small. And her body is amazing. Who let her wear this dress?

And here's my favorite dress. I have a soft spot for ladies that can pull of yellow so beautifully. Christina Applegate looks stunning.