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Thursday, January 08, 2009

to market, to market

It's that time of year again! I'm headed to Atlanta tomorrow morning for Market. For years I've either met my mom and her best friends at Market in Atlanta or Dallas. It has always been so much fun to tag along with them as they laugh and look at all the latest trends. They stopped meeting up at the Dallas Market a few years ago and have been going strictly to Atlanta for about six years now.

This is the first year that my mom's friends aren't coming, but both of my parents will be there. I'm picking my folks up at the airport tomorrow morning and then we'll be shopping. More like browsing this time. We won't be getting anything for our house for a long time and we've got a particular bedroom to focus on this time.

And guess what! I think I get to meet Belle from A Belle and Her Beau!

Since I don't know the baby's gender yet I'm just going to browse around and see what I like. Once we know the gender (on January 27) I can make some final decisions on a crib, a rocker/glider, dresser, etc. I know that I can order a lot of these things through catalogs, but having the wholesale option is very attractive and I'm going to take advantage of it.

So I've already got some fun color combinations that I like. Of course almost all are for little girl rooms. I'll apologize to my baby later if he happens to be a boy. My mom and I will be working on picking out fabrics so she can make the bedding, but I do want some inspiration rooms.

I just stumbled upon Serena and Lily. Have I been under a rock? Have all of you heard of this adorable catalog and website before? I've posted some of my favorite rooms from their collections. I'm really digging the pink and yellow combination in the Isabel collection. The pink is soft, but I love the vibrant yellow.

And here's my gender-neutral color palette. Yellow and green. It would totally work for a boy's room and it's so bright and cheery in there! I wouldn't use flowers for a little boy, but the colors are fantastic together.

I also love yellow, black, and white for a girl and green, black, and white for a boy like this nursery from HGTV's Rate my Space.

That's what I'll be doing this weekend. Browsing and looking for ideas. It would be nice to get these big furniture pieces wholesale if the price is right. I have to say that it's still a little surreal to be in a position to be making these kinds of decisions. I'm sure I'll procrastinate on it, but I just want to make sure the room is ready when the baby comes home with us in June.