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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I've been so excited about the launch of the Southern Weddings magazine for months now and today is the day! The Southern Weddings blog is the best wedding blog out there and features the most inspiring details and images. I get excited every morning to see what gorgeous weddings they'll post each day. The premiere issue of their magazine hits stands today and I've got to go out to find my copy.

Cyndi's favorite photographer, Jose Villa, shot the adorable cover image.

Thanks to the wonderful Kelly Moore, I'm able to see a sneak peak of something that I'm so excited about!

The image is a little small, but that's our wedding on the left in case you can't see it. Erin and Todd in Southern Weddings magazine! I have known for a couple of months that this was a possibility, but I didn't want to say anything about it because I wasn't sure if it would actually happen. So I'm heading out today to find about 10 copies of this magazine to send to family and friends!

I just have to say that if Kelly Moore had not been our photographer this would never have happened. Her work is so beautiful and I always feel like I could have been a guest at each of the weddings that she shoots. Bravo, Kelly! And congratulations to the gorgeous ladies of Southern Weddings magazine!