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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There are so many gorgeous, feminine things in the latest J. Crew catalog and I'm so anxious for August to roll around. August is my realistic goal of fitting into normal clothes again. Not necessarily my old size, but just non-maternity pants and tops.

My family is planning a beach trip for mid-late August and I'm hopeful that I can go without having to wear any pants with the secret fit belly while I'm there. I feel very fortunate that Baby Boy will arrive before the summer kicks into high gear, so I'm hopeful that I can be completely done with maternity clothes by August. Is that realistic? I know that I will still want to and need to wear them for quite a while after the baby comes.

Here are the J.Crew items I'm hoping to own soon. {After I lose the weight AND win the lottery} That light I'd buy them now, but I have no idea what size to order. All of the ruffles are so gorgeous and that "breeze" color is so calming and beautiful!