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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

all down hill from here?

We've officially entered the third trimester! I am 28 weeks pregnant today and seriously cannot believe how fast time flies. I thought I would never have a baby bump. I had nothing at 18 weeks, a little something at 19 weeks, and now I have a very noticeable, no-doubt-in-this-world -that-there's-a-baby-coming, bump. 

28 weeks

I'm standing in the nursery for the above picture, so that is your sneak peak of the nursery for now. We have one yellow and white striped wall. I go back to the doctor on Monday where we'll have another sonogram and see Baby Boy again. Please continue to pray with us that he is healthy and in great shape! 

I'm heading out to hang out with my Bible study girls tonight and hope that you all have a great night!

And kudos to my friend, Mojito Maven, for opening up and the representing those of us (those few of us) who are not Lilly Pulitzer fans. I knew I loved my friend for lots of reasons, but this is just one more. There. I said it. Not a Lilly fan and I never have been. Please don't hate me. Lilly lovers: I still love you!