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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

seeing things through my husband's eyes

I've realized more and more that my poor husband really didn't know what he was in for when he married me. He probably thought that he'd get lots of fun "play time" with his wife for traveling, hanging out, late nights, no schedule, and at least a few years of this kind of behavior. I came up with a list of what I think may be the top 10 reasons that newlyweds shouldn't get pregnant, through a man's point of view.

10. Your wife, who used to love to cook, no longer sets foot in the kitchen because the smell of food cooking makes her gag. Because of this, you're once again eating cereal and take out when you thought that by marrying her you were going to get wonderful home-cooked meals every night.

9. Your wife, who was a svelte size 4 on your wedding day 10 months ago, now has a stomach that is bigger than yours and doesn't look good in a swimsuit. She definitely won't go anywhere where a swimsuit is a requirement.

8. You have officially become the gopher of the house; picking up random meals at random hours of the day, being the only person in the house who can take the dogs out after dark, completely responsible for cleaning, and pretty much the only one willing to move an inch after 7:00 p.m.

7. Your house was almost fully decorated and furnished, but now that a baby is coming, you have to completely furnish and decorate another room: and this seems to be the most important room to her. But aren't they all?

6. You hear at least five times a day, "Well, when the baby comes, that's not going to work!"

5. Your golf clubs have been banished to the outside storage room, but strollers, car seats, bouncy seats, jumpers, pack-n-plays, and swings have replaced them.

4. Your wife's mood is hot and cold and sometimes the dumbest thing you say can make her laugh for an hour, but the funniest thing you say only gets an eye roll.

3. You're completely tired of hearing, "I miss Starbucks!"

2. For the first time since the two of you have been together, you don't have an acceptable answer to the question, "Do I look fat?"

1. The phrases, "but I'm tired" and "but I feel nauseated" will hopefully be a thing of the past very soon!!!

{I must add that my husband is wonderful and completely understanding of this exciting time and what we're going through together and what I'm going through on my own physically. He's perfect!}