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Thursday, April 09, 2009

31 weeks

I totally stole (borrowed?) this picture from Mojito Maven. She took it in Charleston and it's the most recent picture to show off what the bump looks like today.

I had my 30 week check up this week and the baby weighs 4 pounds now. We had our final sonogram, so the next time I see his face will be on delivery day. I wanted to thank Lulu at the Dirty Martini Diaries for giving Baby Boy the nickname, "Blue Eyed Baby Mascot." I love it.

Life is pretty hectic and crazy right now and I'm writing this post on my lunch break. I've reached the point of pregnancy where sleeping is difficult because the sharp pains in my lower back and the charlie horses that take over my legs are keeping me awake. Gravity has also taken over and I have to use all of my might to stop myself from rolling from my side onto my stomach. This bump takes up a lot of space in the bed.

I'm not horribly swollen yet and I'm hopeful that I can keep that away for a few more weeks. I have a very busy few weeks coming up. In addition to teaching every Monday night and attending newlywed girls Bible study every Wednesday night, I'm working on six events that will be executed before May 10.

I'm hopeful that all of the busy-ness will make the next few weeks fly by. I'm also hopeful that BEB Mascot's bedding and furniture will arrive before he does. Here is a breakdown of the next few weeks for us:

April 11- All day childbirth classes at the hospital (31 weeks)
April 12- Easter (31 weeks)
April 14- Meeting with possible pediatrician (31 weeks)
April 17- Baby shower hosted by my coworkers (32 weeks)
April 20,21- Event (32 weeks)
April 23, 24- Event (33 weeks)
April 25- Baby shower hosted by our Sunday school class (33 weeks)
April 30- Event (34 weeks)
May 1-3- Anniversary trip to Savannah (34 weeks)
May 8,9- Event (35 weeks)
May 18- Lactation class (37 weeks)
June 6- Hosting bridal shower for dear friend (39 weeks)

I know you all don't care what all I have going on every day of my life, but I did want to point out just how busy life is right now and it appears that it's only getting busier. I'm just concentrating on getting through these next few weeks and getting everything done that I need to accomplish.

We're in the home stretch!