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Monday, April 27, 2009

my big fat sigh of relief

My events are over! (okay, not officially over, but the three that I have left before I go on maternity leave are small and no big deal) I can breathe now! Everything went great and I'm so thankful for all of the volunteers that helped and a couple of my coworkers who did everything in their power to be there to lift heavy things (literally) when I needed them.

My dad was in town this weekend and I had a baby shower hosted by a couple of amazing girls in my Sunday school class on Saturday. My dad and Todd drove me to the shower and I seriously almost burst into tears of relief as I thought about having the two most important, caring, protective men in my life being right there when I'm nearly 34 weeks pregnant and just coming off one of the most challenging weeks of my life. The event was over and I had Todd and my dad in the car with me! sigh

I'm such a big kid and I've mentioned this before, but I feel so much relief and comfort when my parents are around. Maybe it's because they live so far away, but no matter which one of them is visiting or if they're both visiting, I feel like I can completely relax. My mom was in Denver this weekend visiting my cousin and her 3 month old baby girl for the first time, but it was great having my dad around. He helped Todd put down the massive rug in the nursery and helped us assemble our Graco SweetPeace soothing center (a glorified baby swing).

I am looking forward to both of my parents coming in town for the arrival of Baby Boy and being around to help us with all the little things. I'm sure I'll be a complete basketcase as soon as they leave!